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Class Descriptions

YOGA is an ancient discipline that offers a broad range of tools used to promote health and wellbeing, and that facilitates spiritual transformation. Each student’s unique needs should be addressed, even in a classroom situation, so appropriate guidance of a skilled teacher is essential. Yoga is for everyone, including physical poses/practices, special breathing techniques, powerful meditative moments, and possibly the use of symbolic gestures and vocal sounds.


Empower your day with this dynamic flowing mindful yoga class, as we focus on synchronizing breath & movement! This lively morning class will energize you, helping you feel vibrant, centered and ready for the rest of your day!


Renew your energy while reducing your day’s stress in this flowing, breath-focused, dynamic evening practice!

Nurturing Pre/Post
Natal Yoga

Cultivate prenatal health & wellbeing with this specially designed yoga practice,  preparing Mom and baby for birth! Teddy is a registered prenatal yoga therapist (RPYT) and certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT). Provider release required to begin prenatal class ~ Please contact Teddy for more details at 307-763-0017.

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