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Nurturing Patience Brings Peace

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

“Patience is being at peace with the process of life, knowing that everything happens in the perfect time/space sequence.” (Louis Hay) The power of nurturing patience to bring greater peace cannot be taken lightly. Maintaining both internal and external peace is essential in the hustle and bustle of this holiday season. We feel like we are constantly on high alert, making sure not to miss a beat. Attending seasonal events our children, relatives and friends are involved in takes priority; family gatherings, community celebrations, church services and holiday gift shopping. Decorating for this season of peace, joy and Santa Claus by sprucing up inside and out our homes with strings of lights and all the “trimmings” is an incredible undertaking, but we get it done, somehow. Staying sane in the midst of these demanding times takes diligence, embedded in self-control, steady perseverance and, every now and then, a long, deep inhale followed by an extended, calming exhale. Such breath practices embrace the essence of patience, an admirable quality and effective force that generates a quiet, poised determination. Thoughtfully working with patience brings about moving forward with an even-tempered peace of mind, body and soul.

As Brian Weiss, renowned psychiatrist and award-winning author, states: “Inner peace is impossible without patience.” Nurturing patience personally establishes a more peaceful feeling and creates happier times for those around us. Who would not want this, especially during such joy-filled holidays? Taking small steps by practicing self-awareness while utilizing purposefully patient measures is an easy way to enhance and maintain peace. Here are a few tips to nurture a more patient, peace-filled lifestyle:

  • Practice mindful awareness of your mood, taking note when you become impatient of the situations that trigger frustrations. Use these times to develop practical, personalized ways to cultivate your good-natured, easy-going self;

  • When necessary, just say no graciously. Taking on too many extra responsibilities can raise tension levels, igniting the impatient self;

  • Set suitable boundaries to confront disruptions. Scheduling downtime, when you can be “off-limits” is a crucial step to personal overall health and well-being, providing rejuvenating self-care moments. Add stopping moments, time for stillness and quiet reflection each day to nurture greater inner peace, strength and acceptance of life in the here and now;

  • When faced with urgent deadlines, set personal guidelines to eliminate distractions, completing what is necessary to more fully revel in upcoming fun times;

  • Let go of anxieties and fears about the future, releasing lack of trust in life. Embrace the many hope-filled experiences of this beautiful holiday season, knowing that things will unfold in the best possible way; be at peace with the present.

As Mother Teresa told us: “Peace begins with a smile…”. Nurture patience, smile and embrace peace-filled moments your efforts bring to all.

May your days be filled with many blessings and much peace, now and throughout the New Year.

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