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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Attitude IS Everything...

When we look and 'see' those around us, we can never fully understand their personal life experiences and how they have influenced choices in their lives. So let us ALL ~~

Be kinder than necessary: It is so easy to smile or just say hi to everyone you meet – your moment of kindness may be JUST what they need!

For everyone is fighting some kind of battle: However big or small that ‘battle’ is, at the time that the individual is enduring it day by day – he or she may truly be suffering, only very deeply in his or her soul.

Live simply: Offering well wishes to others without any expectation brings many simple blessings in return.

Love generously: No matter what happens, continue to love …. fully …. abundantly …. freely.

Care deeply: When we can take off our heavy ‘winter coat’ of fear, guilt, resentment, criticism and shame ~~ we allow loving, forgiving, and peace-filled ways to fill our days and the days of all we meet.

Speak kindly: It is important to pay attention to words, intonations, meanings ~~ and how they can shape our lives and affect our relationship with others.

And pray continually: No matter what prayer may mean to each of us, the saying 'Ask & you shall receive' comes to mind as the perfect way to manage stress ~~ Invite a need to be taken care of, without expectations ~~ be open to 'answers'...

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass: Choose a peaceful way of living each moment as the remarkable ‘spiritual being’ you are, in the midst of any and all ‘stormy’ human experiences!

It’s about learning to dance in the rain: When we are ready to grow spiritually, something forcefully urges us to move toward change, stepping into ‘forgiveness’ and out of the victim role. As strange as it may seem at the time, all is right with the world.

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