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Blessings & Peace

My "Health Watch" article in this morning's Sheridan Press is a perfect way to work mindfully ... Check it out right here! TYQ

Blessings & Peace

When Managing Editor Kristen Czaban asked me to create my final 2015 contribution to “Health Watch” right between Christmas and New Years, I was ecstatic! I knew exactly what I wanted to share with all of you ~~ “Blessings and Peace”. This is the valediction I use at the end of most letters, notes, emails and texts. I am grateful for this opportunity to share why choosing uplifting, inspiring and hope-filled complimentary closings can be a powerful means to working toward a calmer, more stress-free world.

“Blessings” are acts or words that invoke special favor, gifts of praise that convey best wishes. Using the term “blessings” as part of farewells is one way of honestly offering kindheartedness toward those on the receiving end. Clearly, extending blessings towards others expresses high respect, honor and distinction. It encourages esteem and a sense of worth at a personal level. Reassuring phrases offer warm, tender thoughts and can exponentially expand a universal flow of affection and tenderness across our instant messaging world. Personal touches in the form of inspiring thoughts can create an effect like ripples on a still pond, caused by dropping just one pebble into its quiet waters. Jack Kornfield, PhD, world-renowned mindfulness teacher and clinical psychologist, assures us that sharing a bit of love from our heart in little ways truly allows us “… to discover a capacity to bear witness to, suffer with, and hold dear with our own vulnerable heart the sorrows and beauties of the world.” How powerful that can be!

“Peace” is described as a state that occurs when mutual harmony exists between people or groups, especially in personal relations. In addition, the term “peace” refers to freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, or anxiety. Combining the healing powers of stress-reducing elements such as harmony and freedom generates a sense of tranquility and serenity, in mind and body, and deep into the very depths of our soul.

Many times, in our chaotic world of instant messaging, we discover that our reply must be forceful, clear-cut and convincing. We can get our point across more effectively by “responding”, rather than “reacting”. So, we take a few long breaths – full inhales with extended exhales, calming the body and mind. Then, our reply can come from a more peaceful center. “With a peaceful heart, whatever happens can be met with wisdom” (J. Kornfield).

It is said, “actions speak louder than words”. Yet, in our exceedingly high-tech world, we humans depend heavily on instant communication. Being purposefully creative in choosing inspiring complimentary closings, we can enjoy our journey through life more by utilizing this easy, yet powerful way of working toward a calmer, more stress-free world. Let’s all put the words of one of my favorite hymns into action now, as a stepping stone into 2016: “… Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now … Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.

What a perfect New Year’s resolution!

Blessings … AND … Peace!

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