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May Day ... May Day!!! - Adding Meditation to your Springtime Blossoming!!!

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Meditation is more of an awareness heightening practice in self-care, as opposed to just relaxing, although that can be one of the benefits, too. Physical benefits include enhanced central nervous system functioning, improved heart health and better sleep, plus the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that can occur.... TYQ (Check the other tabs on this website for further explanations)

Meditation Myths - Let go of these and allow yourself to take some time for self-compassion & self care:

If you have not yet tried meditating, you might have some preconceived notions about what such a practice involves ~~ these may even be standing between you and reaping great benefits of your personal meditation practice.

1. You do not have to turn off your brain.

Sometimes you are able to fully quiet your mind, but turning off all thoughts and emotions is not the idea in a mindful meditation practice, not even possible as human beings. Thoughts and emotions will naturally come and go, and mindful meditation is about acknowledge, accepting and attending to them ~ bringing some understanding to yourself about them, then allowing yourself to come back to your focus, whether it be your breath, your heart rate, or even a mantra sound.

It IS absolutely natural to experience these outside thoughts and emotions while you are meditating. Again, just allow yourself to "sit" with them ~ pleasant or unpleasant ~ acknowledge and accept that they are just thoughts or emotions (NOT reality/NOT fact), then let them go as you return to your meditation focus (mantra, breath or other).

2. You do not have to meditate for long, extended periods of time.

Even 5~10 minutes of meditation can benefit your health & well being. You CAN fit it into your day ~~ before you get out of bed, on your lunch break, while supper is in the oven or just before you go to bed. Make it practical and a part of your day!

3. You do not have to tune out sounds.

You cannot make sounds disappear while you are meditating ~ in fact, the "soundscape" can become a wonderful background for your meditating time. If you are meditating and unpleasant sounds occur, just acknowledge them (like your thoughts/emotions), and direct your focus back to your inhalations and exhalations ~~ the sounds will soon fade into the background and become that "soundscape".

4. Sitting up straight is NOT a requirement.

You do not have to sit up to meditate. It is a way of really bringing focus to your meditation and "taking your seat" ~~ but it is essential to find a position that works for you. Sometimes, lying down on the couch or the bed can work - on a yoga mat on the floor, propped up by blankets, bolsters and/or pillows can help, too.

You are more apt to fall asleep mid-practice if you are lying down ~ so keeping your eyes open for awhile will help! But if you do fall asleep, you probably really needed that type of rest. No worries ~ NO STRESS! You are still learning to focus your mind.

On Monday and Wednesday evenings at Santosha Yoga, I am offering Meditation 101 from 6:40 ~7:00pm ~ a short 20 minutes! - These sessions are free to students who take the 5:30 pm evening calming yoga class on those days, and offered free (donations accepted) to all! Hope to see you all there soon:-))) - find Santosha Yoga location on this website on the SY tab!!!

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