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Breathing is normally completely void of will: seldom conscious of it, we enter life with our first breath and end with a final exhalation. Defined as the process that moves air in and out of our lungs, breathing can be explained as a basic delivery system, exchanging carbon dioxide molecules from inside our bodies for oxygen molecules from our environment. Flowing like a mountain stream, it connects moment-to-moment experiences and quietly renewing our energy. We all find it paramount to optimal health and wellbeing, especially individuals who struggle with chronic respiratory challenges (e.g., asthma, bronchitis, emphysema). Enhancing breath capacity is should be an integral part of daily life. READY – SET – GO with the FLOW!


An essential and equal partner of the breath, our heart begins working even before we are born! As the hardest working muscle in our body, it generates a rhythmic, contractile beat, pumping blood throughout vessels of our circulatory system, and teaming up with the breath to provide life-enriching oxygen and nutrients, as well as to remove metabolic wastes (i.e., surplus or toxic substances). The heart not only functions as a physical force. Most appropriately, the dictionary also defines ‘heart’ as the “center of total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion” … as … “spirit, courage, or enthusiasm” … finally, as … “the innermost or central part of anything”! (Reference: READY – SET – GO with the FLOW!


This element of our being includes cognitive faculties that provide intellectual ability to reason, think, feel, will, perceive, remember, desire, imagine and make sound judgments. Its physical “home” is our brain, which consists of soft, convoluted matter, housed within the cranium. It can serve us well as controller and coordinator of thoughts, words, and actions when we choose to listen.

Increasing awareness and understanding of the inner voices of our mind, our life-giving breath, and the rhythmic beat of our heart can decrease everyday stress by helping us relax tense muscles, cope with pain, deal with anger, attend to relationships ~ day-by-day, moment-by-moment. No matter the challenges or circumstances we face, consistently tapping into these personal “friends” through empowering practices will allow them to become more familiar and effective.

Try this simple hands-on practice that utilizes the powers of breath, heart and mind:

  • Tune into your breathing during the day: consciously observe your breath with a sense of keen interest, as if for the first time; feel your breath in your belly; observe it rising and falling;

  • Develop increasing awareness of your thoughts and feelings at these moments, just consciously observing them, but not judging either yourself or them;

  • Take time to notice any changes in the way you feel about yourself and life. Take mental notes.

  • Wait awhile ~ Check in again … and yet later, again!



GO with the FLOW!


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