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Valuable Tips for WINTER & Colder Days & Nights!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

With all the challenges of our Wyoming winter, beat the "blahs" with a Healthy Attitude AND these Tips!

  • Eat Healthy, Staying Active: These should be year round practices, but tend to become more challenging during winter, so focus on nutrition that enhances your energy and get creative with activity: walk indoors with a co-worker or family on stormy days!

  • Travel Safely: When attending parties where social drinking is involved, always appoint a designated driver before you start ~ ONLY WAY TO GO!

  • Stay Warm: Stay tuned to weather forecasts ~ dress accordingly. Protective footwear keeps you warm & can prevent injuries, such as slipping on sidewalks. Slow down, use “trackers” (rubber, spiked shoe coverings), watch out for ~~ and help elderly folks!

  • Deal with Stress: WOW! Way more “chaos” in our lives over the winter (holiday season etc.!!), so prioritize commitments ~ embrace some down time to relax!

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