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“You Are a Light in the World!”

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Life is just too short!

Recently, I attended the memorial service of a high school classmate, a friend of mine. Shortly before he passed away, he was an active, vibrant individual, full of life. Yet, like many of us are, he was vulnerable to age-related physical issues, his time on earth shortened due to an illness he could not overcome. He always emphasized that life is short, reiterating distinctly: “… so you better enjoy it while you can.”

None of us face exactly the same challenges. We are each an individual expression of our personal experiences. We “shine” in our own unique ways. Since each decade can bring new physical challenges, staying healthy becomes more complicated as we age. Basically, life happens. Focusing on personal health and wellbeing through self-care must become our priority. Attending to our own needs allows us to age more gracefully, and to be able to assist others more readily.

Ongoing evidence-based research demonstrates that awareness-enhancing practices in combination with relaxation techniques provide increased resilience, the strength we utilize to bounce back in the midst of stressful times. Such hardiness cannot make our problems go away, but cultivating resilience definitely generates ways to respond to adversity, to go with the flow, and subsequently thrive in the midst of traumatic and stressful life events. By developing skills in practices that allow increased understanding of what triggers heightened stress levels, we create our own “security guard”, harnessing and using our inner strength (often referred to as mindful awareness). We become more trusting of the process of life.

Besides working with any limitations to remain as healthy, active, and nutritionally balanced as possible, we must concentrate on mental, emotional and spiritual senses of wellbeing. Again, we are all individuals with unique lifespans and experiences. Letting situations that occur become our “teachers” establishes a direct path to “healing from the inside out”. When unpleasant or uncomfortable situations occur, we tend to exaggerate feelings, blowing the incidents out of proportion, developing in our mind, perhaps in words and actions, what potential consequences could result ~ “making mountains out of molehills”. Using sound, evidence-based mindful awareness-enhancing and relaxation practices helps us make more responsive, powerful choices. Employing an introspective approach enables learning the lesson at hand; balancing life in this way encourages a more proactive yet calmer approach to life. Roll with the punches, working through personal journeys. Inner work is not about avoiding or pushing away unpleasant challenges. Rather, take time to make needed changes slowly but surely, in a way that works for you.

There is an answer waiting deep within each of us to help deal with challenges in life. Pay attention to the good that life has to offer! Choose to grow older more comfortably with the understanding that you are the “perfect” age, right here, right now.

Life is just too short! Commit to a daily dose of inner work. Let your special unique self sparkle and shine ~ you are a light in the world!

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